6 Reasons Why Linux is Better Than Windows

6 Reasons Why Linux is Better Than Windows


Every person who sets up their workspace, first of all, gets some of the best equipment pieces so their work can progress in the most relaxing and peaceful way. Besides, having a great set of hardware pieces not only enhances the comfort level but also supports the workload that a person is going to put on the system, which means that you will be able to work hard without any lagging.

But if you are looking to work intensively without lagging, you also need to get the best operating system that can handle the workload. The answer is, of course, one of the top operating systems in the world i.e the Linux operating system. It is considered to be one of the best-operating systems among other operating systems. Better yet, it is known to be better than Windows as well.

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Let’s find out how Linux is better than Windows.

6 Reasons Why Linux Trumps Windows

If you have ever found yourself wondering who in the world uses this operating system then allow me to help you understand the power of Linux; all the major companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, and many others are all powered by Linux. Even the supercomputer which is known to be the world’s most powerful supercomputer runs on Linux as well.

To further highlight some of the most important factors that will make you understand how Linux is far better than Windows.

1. Open Source

Windows has proprietary software whereas Linux presents you with open-source software. But the difference is in approaching the software and changing it according to one’s choice. In Windows, we see that the coding is highly secure and sort of hectic for one to access and change. Whereas Linux presents you with an open-source operating system. That allows its users to download it through Internet access and change it, hence contributing to the internal kernel.

2. Reliable

The Linux operating system is considered to be a more reliable companion than Windows.

Because Linux offers a top-notch operating system and interface, with built-in security to protect from getting hacked, and an unmatched uptime. However, its popular competitor, i.e Windows, is known to be sluggish sometimes. At times users need to reinstall Windows after they encounter some crashes or lagging in their system.

Therefore if you are a Linux user, you won’t ever have to worry about reinstalling your system to experience a faster and smoother operation. Moreover, Linux helps your system to run smoothly with great performance hence executing your commands faster than ever.

3. Secure

We all know that no matter how many operating systems are out there none of them provide that entirely risk-free performance. Even Windows is known to be a frequent victim for developers like the harmful viruses and malware. However there is little that Microsoft can do about this issue, the users must have to install an antivirus application and firewall software to tackle the harmful viruses and malware that come their way. Unfortunately, a big problem is that it eats up your memory and CPU usage.

On the other hand, Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows. So, when you choose Linux as your operating system, you just need to stick to the repositories and avoid using Adobe’s Flash.

4. Beginner-Friendly 

The Windows operating system is considered to be the simplest desktop available today. Plus its graphics, and the way it is user-friendly, is quite exceptional. Windows has a relatively minimal learning curve, as Linux distros like Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, etc. are endeavoring to improve the user experience that makes the transition from Windows to Linux much smoother and easier.

Moreover, Linux distros allow their users to choose one of the various desktop environments available such as Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, GNOME, etc. So, if a Windows user is looking to migrate to Linux they can do that pretty easily.

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5. Privacy 

With the government’s increased monitoring and the corporate collection of user data, privacy has been known to be the number one concern for many of its users. There are many independent security experts who favor Linux over Windows or macOS. As Linux does not collect your personal data, you can remain somewhat hidden.

6. Free 

Windows has never been free and if you want to run the latest version of Windows then you must buy a Windows license. Whereas Linux operating system is completely free and that is a huge advantage for its users. And many won’t have to pay dollars to get a copy of a Linux distro (like Ubuntu and Fedora).


After reading this interesting piece, what do you think? Are you still of the opinion that Windows is better or do you agree that Linux has surpassed the level and is the best operating system you can have on your PC?