New iPod Touch 2019 Specifications & More


Here is all you need to know about all the new iPod Touch 2019 specifications and other information.

Apple 7th Generation iPod Touch 2019 Specifications, Colors, Price and More:

Apple announced a new iPod Touch for those who are still looking for a new device. The new iPod Touch 2019 looks same like previous generation. It still includes a home button and the design is same. It has a 4-inch screen and the flagship still includes bezels.

Apple just added the A10 fusion processing chip to all 7th Generation iPod Touch 2019. First the first time, Apple have introduced the 256GB variant in iPod family. You can order the 7th Generation iPod touch at $199 for 32 GB storage, $299 for 128 GB and $399 for the 256 GB variant.

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Moreover, iPod users can now join the group Facetime, ARkit feature and the powerful processing chip. This device still lacks TOUCH ID. So you can only add a numeric or a custom password of your own choice.

7th generation ipod touch colors

All the new 7th generation iPod Touch 2019 comes in 6 different colors. It includes, Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Pink and Golden.

And yes, this devices comes with iOS 12 but you will get the iOS 13 update on the new 7th Generation iPod Touch.

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