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Best Tweaks for iPhone XS Max | Chimera Jailbreak

best tweaks for iphone xs max

Here are some popular tweaks for iPhone XS Max running Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12.

Finally, Sileo is now stable enough for Chimera Jailbreak users. Now you can install tweaks on your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR or iPad Pro with A12 chip. There are couple of tweaks present on Sileo as same as Cydia. Many of them are new and some just got update for new Chimera Jailbreak.

In this article, I will share some best tweaks for iPhone XS Max using which you can create a Jailbroken setup. Most of them are free to install. Check them all one by one and give them a try.

Best Tweaks for iPhone XS Max Running Chimera Jailbreak

1- Anemone

Anemone is one the best tweak for Jailbroken devices which helps in theming your device. It depends on Rocketbootstrap which is also updated and now Anemone supports Chimera Jailbreak. So you can install this tweak for free from Sileo official repo’s.

anemone tweak ios 12

2- Bazzi

Bazzi is also one of the most demanded tweak for Jailbroken devices. It allow users to add the battery percentage within the battery sign. Thus, it is the most useful tweak for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X and iPhone XR users. It’s now working with Chimera Jailbroken devices.

bazzi tweak ios 12

3- Xen HTML

XenHTML is another popular tweak using which you can add widgets to your lockscreen and homescreen. This is a free package on Sileo and you can easily install this on your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

xen html ios 12

4- LockScreen and Homescreen Widgets

After installing Xen HTML for iOS 12, users usually ask for some good widgets for homescreen and lockscreen. So that’s why I am adding this repo here. In this repo you can browse different widgets.

Repo Link: (https://evynw.github.io)

5- Boxy

No doubt, boxy is one of the good tweak. It allow users to make a icon representation. You can add a layout of icons on your homescreen according to your need. There are options available to customize your need.

boxy 3 ios 12

Repo Link: (https://repo.packix.com)

6- ColorMeBaddge

If you are bored of red badges for your applications then you should try this tweak for free. It create app badges according to the color of the app. This tweak is a free package and you can try it on Chimera Jailbreak.

Alternative to this tweak is ColorBadges and i have not tried this tweak so i dont know it’s working for Chimera Jailbreak or not.

7- Cylinder

Cylinder is the most popular tweak ever. It allow users to add some animations to homescreen icons when you are scrolling them. It includes 10+ animations which you can apply to your device. Do not forget to give this tweak a try.

cylinder tweak ios 12

8- Twig

Twig adds a small little weather widget to the lock screen, compatible with iOS 10 & 11 and now also supports iOS 12 Jailbreak.

Repo Link: (https://jb365.github.io)

9- Notifica

Notifica adds modern style to notifications on your lockscreen. It can add dark mode, new style and much more. It is one of the trending tweak for Jailbroken devices. It’s a free package from nepeta.

Repo Link: (https://repo.nepeta.me)

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10- Togglow

Togglow adds the glow to the connectivity module available in Control Center. The toggle will glow when enabled. To be honest, personally, i do not like this tweak but you can try this tweak.

togglow tweak ios 12

Repo Link: (https://idevicehacked.com/)

11- Bolders

One of the best tweak I have seen for iOS 12 Jailbreak. This one looks good and adds a new style to folders. You can get this tweak for free on your device. Do not forget to give this tweak a try.

12- TapVideoConfig

TapVideoConfig lets you adjust your iPhone’s recording quality from the Camera app. You can get this tweak for free on your Chimera Jailbroken device. Also, this is available for Uncover Jailbreak users.

13- SleepyTime

This tweak add countdown timers to your pending iPhone alarms with SleepyTime. It’s not a big tweak for me but you can try this tweak for free. I have added a repo below.

Repo Link: (https://sparkdev.me)

14- Dragspring

Respring was never easy for your device. Respring your device by pulling down in the Settings app with Dragspring. It is a free package and you should add this tweak.

Repo Link: (https://repo.conorthedev.co/)

15- Animore

This tweak adds iOS 12.2 animoji to iOS 12.1.2 jailbroken devices. It is a free tweak for Jailbroken devices. Works both for Chimera and Unc0ver Jailbreak.

Repo Link: (https://idevicehacked.com/)

[Update] Here is video from iCrackurDevice in which he have shown 31 different best tweaks for iPhone XS Max.

That’s all for today. if you have something in your mind please share the tweak name in the comments below. For more updates and Jailbreak stuff keep visiting us.