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Download Rootless Jailbreak for iOS 12 [No PC]

rootless jailbreak iOS 12

Looking for iOS 12 Jailbreak? Get Rootless Jailbreak for iOS 12 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by Jake James Developer.

Recently, a known Security Researcher Brandon Azad released the exploits for iOS 12. Many iOS developers started working on iOS 12 Jailbreak and surprisingly Jake James tweeted a Rootless Jailbreak for iOS 12 running devices. Here is all you need to know Rootless Jailbreak with download links.

What is Rootless Jailbreak for iOS 12?

Like previous Ian Beer Exploits for iOS 11, this Jailbreak works in the same behaviour. It’s not easy to install tweaks with this method. A known SSH method is required to install tweaks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You need to access the root directory using a SSH software like CyberDuck over the internet.

However, he haven’t released this Jailbreak for Public but Developers only. He have suggested if you are a noob, do not use this Jailbreak on your device.

Rootless Jailbreak Compatible Devices:

At the initial stage, RootlessJB only supports devices with A9, A10 and A11 Processor. The Exploits from Brandon Azad are now working for A12 and older 64-bit devices. So, if you have a device running iOS 12.0, 12.1, 12.1.2 you can easily get root access to install tweaks using tweak injector and SSH.


This isn’t a standard Jailbreak tool like Electra or UnC0ver. Only if you are familiar with SSH only go with the flow. Otherwise, you have to wait for the Public Release. There’s still a lot to do with rootless Jailbreak.

Remember, there is no Cydia with Rootless Jailbreak right now. You don’t have to download and install this Jailbreak unless you know what are you doing.

How to Download Rootless Jailbreak for iOS 12 Without PC?

Follow the steps given below and escape the Sandbox to insall tweaks with the help of SSH and tweak injection method.

  1. At the very first, Open Safari and Go to ignition.fun on your device.
  2. In the apps section, go to Jailbreaks section and install rootless.
  3. Wait for the app to download on your device. Then, Go to Settings > General > Profiles and verify your application.
  4. Open Rootless Jailbreak application and enjoy the root access.
  5. Install tweaks, have fun!


However, recent news are very good. Developers over the world are testing on rootlessJB for iOS 12.1.2 devices. They have already installed different tweaks like Sn0wboard and Cylinder. These tweaks are working fine and causing no issue. So, please be patient and wait for the public release. We will keep editing and updating this article, so keep visiting our Jailbreak category for more news.

For more updates related to iOS 12 Jailbreak join iOS Environment. You can also get updates from Jake James Official Twitter account. There’s a lot coming on your way. Be patient and stay on iOS 12.