How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Domain – Let’s Encrypt

How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Domain

Hello, friends today I am going to talk about How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Domain. As you all are aware of Google’s policy regarding Secure sites and Not Secure sites. Sites that are not having an SSL certificate are less preferred by Google and is less likely to be rank on search results.

And you might have seen Google Chrome is the most used browser and if you open a non-SSL website it will show as “Not Secure” and that can ultimately cause you a loss of customers.

What SSL certificate does is protects website data and if you are accepting payments that it is a must requirement to have an SSL certificate in place.

As most of the time SSL certificates are really expensive many people don’t bother to you SSL. But if you are starting a blog or some kind of startup then you would have to cut the extra cost and keep it as low as possible.

Luckily there are some services that provide Free SSL certificates to a website and in this article, we are going to show you how you can get that certificate and set it up on your site.

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How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Domain – Let’s Encrypt

A lot of users are reluctant to use SSL due to the cost of the certificate that they have to pay. Which leave these small websites vulnerable to data and information theft.

There is a Non-profit project know as Let’s Encrypt who is dedicated to fixing this problem by establishing a free certificate authority.

The purpose of this certificate authority is to make it easier for website owners to get a free certificate. Internet becomes a safer place if more and more websites start using SSL.

But the thing is setting up Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is quite a challenging job at hand. For that, the user must have sufficient knowledge of server systems. But there are some hosting providers that are providing Free SSL certificate with their hosting plans.

If you are already using any of these hosting providers then you just can go to your control panel and under Security settings, you can enable SSL  for your site but if you are using some other hosting provider that does not have a free SSL certificate then you can follow these steps.

If you are following this guide then you need to make sure that your hosting provider does support manually providing the SSL certificate and the certificate Private key in the Control panel.

So to skip the part of having a good amount of server-side knowledge for setting up Let’s Encrypt certificate what we are going to do is use a third-party service that uses Let’s Encrypt to generate SSL Certificates without needing you to follow all those complicated commands on your server end.

Steps to Getting an SSL Certificate:

We are going to use SSL For Free using this what you need to do is click on “Create SSL Certificate” and that’s it and you have yourself an SSL Certificate.

SSL For Free

Now we need to provide our domain and click on “Create Free SSL Certificate”.

Domain verification

After that, you will be greeted with this page where you have to prove that you are the actual owner of this domain the method I recommend is “Automatic FTP Verification” you will need to provide your FTP login details and it will automatically verify the domain and start generating the Certificate.

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But if you are someone who is paranoid and don’t trust anyone you can do manual verification and download the files and upload them manually to your site to began the verification process.

After this process is completed you can then download your SSL certificate. But the thing with Let’s  Encrypt Certificates is that they expire after 3 months and you have to renew the certificate after 3 months.

The good thing with SSL For Free is that you can create an account and after the generate your Certificate and it will be stored to your account when the certificate is about to expire they will send you a reminder email that you have to renew your certificate and you can do that.

renew certificate

Now what remains is to install the SSL Certificate on your hosting provider in my case I am using EasyWP WordPress hosting and in the dashboard there is an option to upload the Certificate that will be used.

upload the certificate

Now you can simply upload the Certificate and enjoy SSL on your site for free. Do share the article with others that might need it.