iOS 13 Features, Release Date & More

ios 13 features, leaks, release date

Here is all you need to know about iOS 13 Features, Release Date, Compatible Devices and Much More.

In next few months Apple is going to release iOS 13. There’s a hype about iOS 13 on social media and everyone is expecting something new for their phones. Specially, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone X users are excited for this big update. Today, I am sharing some leaked features which are coming to iOS 13.

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First of all, you must know which devices will get update. In my previous article, iOS 13 Compatible Devices you can check you device if it’s getting this future update or not.

iOS 13 Features For iPhone and iPad

There are lots of rumours and renders are available on the internet. Everyone is expecting something new in iOS 13. So, here is a list of features you should know.

1- Dark Mode:

First of all, I am going to talk about Dark Mode. This picture is now coming to iOS 13 and I am 100% sure about this because Apple have now 3 models available with OLED Screen. Also, this year 3 new models are expected at the end of 2019.

I hope Apple will add the toggle in iOS 13 Control Center so the user can Enable/Disable easily.

2- Sleep Mode:

One of the biggest feature which was leaked is Sleep Mode. This will enable Do not Disturb Mode, Darkens the Lockscreen, mute all the notification except incoming call from favourite one.

3- Messages:

I am seeing a new interface of messages app is coming iOS 13. There will be something new or revamped for Animoji’s and Memoji’s. I do not have any picture to show as render or example. But let’s see if Apple is implementing this or not.

4- Keyboard:

Not a new feature but Swipe-Key is expected in iOS 13. Apple is lately going to introduce swipe selection option. So, Apple may copy android feature for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

is 13 swipe keyboard

5- UI

Apple may add some new user interface with white icons based theme. It is not confirmed yet but, It can happen because dark mode needs some good looking icons and we can see them in dark screen. Or we can say Apple may increase the size of software and add double icons.

6- Second Screen:

Ability to use iPad as second screen of your iMac or Macbook. Seems like it can happen because many new iPad supports iPencil which is now popular all over the world.

Image result for use ipad as second monitor

7- Green-Torch:

Ever wanted Apple Find My iPhone and Find Friends app to merge? It will save time and this combination will help you finding iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch and your friend using one app.

8- Mouse Support on iPad

Apple may introduce mouse support in iOS 13 to use with iPad. Think about Mouse support and Second Screen at one. Not a good combination? Future wants this and Apple will do this.

Image result for ios 13 features

However, Apple may introduce the Split Screen feature for Max/Plus size devices and iPad. This is one of the great rumour that Apple will add this feature now.

Image result for ios 13 features

Another big hit from Apple in iOS 13 is the reverse charging feature. Apple is going to add this support in upcoming devices and 2019 devices or every device which support wireless charging.

Thats all from my side about iOS 13 features, release date, and more. If you have something in your mind you can share in the comment below. Keep visiting us for more iOS 13 News, iOS 13 Jailbreak News and much more. You can join my group for more.