LINUX for Beginners

LINUX for Beginners

Hey techies, let’s start something new today! Now you may have been noticing or may have noticed your so-called “extreme nerdy friends” playing and working with an unknown platform which they call as ‘Linux’. Arrrgghh!! That’s surprising which software is it? Is it a freeware or a paid one?….Well, all these kind of questions pops up in your mind of course if you aren’t already familiar with it so here is LINUX for Beginners.

So today I’m going to sort out all your queries about it and provide a systematic approach to all your questions. Let’s start then…

What is LINUX?

Ah well! This is a very significant question. Sad to say but many “advanced level LINUX users” get this one wrong. LINUX is an operating system. It isn’t a software or something. But in the actual definition of it, it’s known as a ‘kernel’ to advanced users. Okay, what is kernel…will come to that part later for the time being let’s understand a bit more about the LINUX OS and about its creation?

LINUX is a UNIX based Portable Operating System Interface(POSIX) compliant operating system. It was firstly developed for personal computers based on x86-Intel architecture by Mr. Linus Torvalds(also known as the first Linux geek). But since the thing that made it special among all other operating systems was Mr. Torvalds’s decision to keep it free and open-source.

The reason it has got transformed in the most powerful type of operating system was this particular reason. Being open-source and free many developers got their freedom to play around with it, they developed parts of LINUX purely out of curiosity and love and not for money and that is what made all the difference!

Understanding Linux File System

How do I start learning using it?

This is the most common questions among beginners, well my answer to it is simple, you got to be adventurous! By ‘adventurous’ I mean you will learn a LOT on LINUX by using it practically and finding your own way through it yourself like your own discovery. Just install any simple Linux distribution and start working on it, you’ll get to learn things about it pretty fast provided you ask your every query to search engines.

LINUX for Beginners?

The best Linux distribution out there for beginners are:

How to install LINUX on my machine?

Assuming you are a beginner you wouldn’t want to use LINUX as your base operating system from now on. So for that reason, you got to dual boot it with your existing Windows or Mac operating systems. You need not to worry about it just download the most beginner friendly LINUX OS named “Linux Mint“.

Then burn the .iso image of it on a DVD or make a bootable USB of the .iso file with Universal USB Installer. Then all you have to do is to boot from the installation media get into the live system and then starting the setup with will be dead easy to do! Well, I will be providing a video for it soon so you needn’t worry just stay tuned to our site.

Why Linux?

Well, did you know the most secure architecture that gives hackers a tough headache to penetrate is “LINUX”? And to say more no viruses unless developed exclusively for LINUX can execute in it. That means you don’t have a headache to set up all those lousy antivirus programs. Isn’t that cool? We believe that LINUX is the starting point of “hardened security”.


Don’t forget to catch up with my next posts on LINUX where I’ll cover up a LOT of it and all exciting stuff with it.

Have a nice day!