How to Setup Burp Suite the Easy way


Hello to all the new subscribers and new readers so this video is for all those who requested us to create a tutorial on How to Setup Burp Suite the Easy way.

What is Burp Suite?

Burp Suite is the most used software by the community of Security Researchers all over the world and it is the most recommended tool. So when any new person opens Burp Suite and want to use it it is really hard to use for them and they can’t really understand how to use it and how to set it up so in this video I have covered the part on how to set it up to use it.

So First of all Burp Suite is a proxy tool which is used to intercept request which is made by the website to the web server so we can learn more about the web application and find vulnerabilities in that application so here you go with the video of.

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How to Setup Burp Suite the Easy way:-

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